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AutoEDMS by ACS Software Incorporated

Triangle Solutions Technology is an authorized reseller for ACS Software Incorporated. As a reseller we not only sell AutoEDMS but also do customized installation, configuration and system implementation and offer on-going support. We at Triangle Solutions Technology partnered with ACS Software because of their high-quality software and customer service. If you are looking for a document management and workflow solution for your manufacturing, engineering or utilities organization, AutoEDMS is what you are looking for. See why...

ACS Software, Inc. is a California-based corporation, founded in 1981. ACS Software delivered the first PC-based EDMS System in 1986, and has a customer base in the thousands in over 25 countries. Their goal "to develop the best possible solutions for the management, workflow and distribution of documents, drawings and images" is accomplished through the software products they sell and support.

ACS is best known for the AutoEDMS and AutoEDMS Anywhere document management and workflow software. AutoEDMS includes the powerful AutoEDMS Workflow Engine. ACS also offers the optional AutoEDMS Redline Module.

What's New?

Pervasive.SQL V8, A Power New Database Engine for AutoEDMS: With Pervasive.SQL V8, you can run your business-critical AutoEDMS system faster than ever. Improve productivity and maintain your current technology investment while taking advantage of the best Pervasive® has to offer! If you have 10 or more AutoEDMS licenses, or you want to support remote AutoEDMS users over your WAN or the web, you should upgrade your system with Pervasive SQL v8.

View a 20-minute, narrated demonstration of AutoEDMS Version 6.5 and/or download a detailed report of AutoEDMS

AutoEDMS Document Management and Workflow Solution

AutoEDMS is a comprehensive document management and workflow solution which manages documents and document revision processes, in a small workgroup or a multiple-server, wide-area network. AutoEDMS is used to manage CAD drawings, scanned images, electronic documents and hard-copy files. AutoEDMS helps manage computer-based files, data and programs -- from engineering to accounting and from production to sales. AutoEDMS is often used by engineering, manufacturing and architecture firms to accomplish their tasks saving time and money.

AutoEDMS can help you simplify teamwork, streamline time-to-market, improve quality and save money. AutoEDMS offers simple and secure access to your network-based documents. Its powerful database keeps track of your files, and frees you from remembering fileserver names, volumes, directories and even filenames.

AutoEDMS has a very solid database, features, functions and customizations and can be used with the latest Windows operating systems. Some of the features of AutoEDMS include:

Automated File Check-Out/Check-In

AutoEDMS provides easy management of your documents, through secure check-out and check-in. These functions act as an electronic librarian, instantly monitoring who has files checked-out of the system and when they are checked back into the system. This prevents two people from working on the same file simultaneously. Users can have multiple documents checked-out in their AutoEDMS "In Basket" to secure them while they are being edited.

AutoEDMS Navigator is a new Explorer-style database navigation and file selection tool. The Navigator is implemented throughout AutoEDMS and can be used in any situation where you would like to "navigate" the database in order to build a "collection" of chosen files. Examples include batch file check-out/check-in, automated transmittals and batch printing and copying.

Database and File Security

AutoEDMS' built-in security works on top of existing network security restrictions. AutoEDMS security prevents unauthorized access to files, database Forms, database information and programs. AutoEDMS supports NT "hidden shares" and secure read-only directories to prevent unauthorized file access or updates.

File Viewing and Printing

AutoEDMS directly views and prints over 200 file types, including Word, Excel, Acrobat PDF, AutoCAD DWG, MicroStation DGN, CADKEY, CALS G4, HPGL, JPEG, tiled and multi-page TIFF files. AutoEDMS also handles AutoCAD 2002 and Microsoft Office XP. The AutoEDMS Viewer Manager is included which allows you to configure 3rd party viewers, in addition to the built-in AutoEDMS viewers.

Internet Ready

AutoEDMS is "Internet Ready". With the built-in AutoEDMS Web Publisher, users can query, view, print, and download managed files through standard web browsers. Forms and preview images are now stored in browser-compatible JPEG format.

Click on the following pdf files for more information:

AutoEDMS Anywhere

Many AutoEDMS users are finding that web-based collaboration is becoming a solution they need to integrate into their every day business practices. By hosting AutoEDMS on a thin client server like Windows 2000 or Citrix MetaFrame, you'll be able to access your AutoEDMS system from a variety of client devices. Local and remote users can easily access your latest AutoEDMS-managed files over the Internet or other connections - hence the name, "AutoEDMS Anywhere".

AutoEDMS AnyWhere: for the Internet and Intranet (.pdf)

AutoEDMS Redline Module

The AutoEDMS Redline Module (AutoEDMS RM) is an optional feature that streamlines drawing revisions with electronic redlining, commenting and drawing compare on vector and raster drawing files. No more wasted time looking for revision notes on paper copies of drawings. You can easily annotate and comment on the electronic file and quickly route it to the appropriate person or department for revision.

The Redline Module is tightly integrated with AutoEDMS and the Workflow Engine to provide managed and secure annotation of CAD drawings and scanned images. The Redline Module can also be used to determine and highlight the differences between two different versions of a drawing using the Drawing Compare tool highlights. This is great for revision control.

AutoEDMS Quick Start Program

One good way to get started with AutoEDMS is with their Quick Start Program. It allows you to start with a 5-user Auto-EDMS software system and includes professional on-site services and follow-up support for one low price In about a week's time, you can be set up and running with a team of people productively using your customized AutoEDMS document management and workflow system. Contact Triangle Solutions Technology for further details...

Note: The information provided on this page was taken from informational documents and the web site of ACS Software Incorporated. You may also view infomation about AutoEDMS at

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