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Customer Support

The Customer Support section of our website is a service provided to our customers who have an active support agreement with Triangle Solutions Technology, LLC. If you would like more information regarding this service, please go to our contact page to submit your information and request.

Triangle Solutions Technology has been a Westbrook Technologies Authorized Partner nearly 20 years. During that time, one of the very popular products offered by Westbrook was File Magic. While File Magic was offered, it was one of the most widely used products on the market. With the release of newer operating systems that were more sophisticated and requirements for additional software capabilities, Westbrook Technologies discontinued development work on File Magic and focused its attention on its replacement Fortis SE. This resulted with File Magic reaching its end of life in 2006.

Many users have continued the use of their File Magic products because of all its strengths, stability and reliability. However, over the past months, Triangle Solutions Technology has received numerous inquiries from users across the country about File Magic. These inquiries have ranged from simple questions like logon problems to users wanting to upgrade their File Magic to the new FortisBlue, Fortis SE or Fortis products.

Now, with the DocuWare acquisition of Westbrook and the migration of all the Fortis products to the new browser based DocuWare platform, Triangle Solutions Technology is very proud to be an Authorized Partner with DocuWare in this new venture.

At the same time we are also very supportive of all the former and current File Magic, Fortis SE, Fortis Enterprise and FortisBlue users who may have allowed their support to lapse and are interested in getting back on support; are experiencing problems and are in need of assistance; or are interested in learning more about migrating their Fortis product to the new DocuWare platform.

If you are a current File Magic or Fortis user and are having problems or have an interest in upgrading to the new DocuWare product, please give us a call at 919-873-9996 to discover what options may be available to you.

In our continuing effort to provide our clients with the highest quality of support, Triangle Solutions now offers direct connection to client workstations or systems for improved problem solving and assistance. Through the use of GoTo Meeting and GoTo Webinar we can now offer our clients support, training and demonstrations remotely thus eliminating the more costly onsite visits for most all situation.

Customer Support includes:

  1. Software updates and information
  2. Frequently Asked Questions
  3. Links to hardware support and information

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Often we receive requests for our Professional Services from users that are not an existing client of Triangle Solutions Technology and do not have established terms. At times this has made it difficult for us to work with the client or not be able to work with the client at all. To address this issue, Triangle Solutions Technology is excited to announce our new "PREPAY" program. With this program you may now select the number of hours of Professional Services that have been estimated by our team to meet your needs. These PREPAY Professional Services are only offered as remote services and will be provided either by phone or through internet connection or both. You will be able to prepay for the service immediately through the use of PayPal. This will allow anyone the opportunity to secure our Professional Services whenever they have a need.

If you are in need of our Professional Services and have spoken to one of our team memebers about your need in order for them to determine the estimated amount of time required, select those estimated number of hours below, submit to pay it through PayPal by selecting "BUY NOW", and an email will be sent to Triangle Solutions Technology Professional Services advising you are requesting our services, have paid for the services and a member of our team will be back to you in a very short time.


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