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Consulting and Technical Support

  • Document and Content Management Needs Analysis and Feasibility Studies
  • We are document and content management experts as well as solution providers. We will help you diagnose and analyze your organization's needs by first listening to what it is you are wanting to do. Based upon what we hear and see, we will determine what system and hardware is best for you. Once you decide upon a system for your organization, we will help you install and implement the system, train you and your staff and support your business and help you grow over the long haul.

    The first step to a document or content management solution is diagnosing the wants and needs of your organization:

    • What are the needs of your organization?
    • What are the problems you want to solve?
    • What is it that you want a document management system to do for your business or organization?
    • What kind of network do you currently have set up?
    • How many people would be using the system?
    • Do you need internet access?

    We draw upon years of experience to help determine your needs to define a solution for you.

  •  On-Going Technical Support
  • We offer on-going technical support for the various products we sell. Support includes:

    • On-site/Off-site Training
    • Web support
    • Telephone support
    • Software updates and patches

  • CAD System Consulting
  • Our background is rooted in CAD consulting, so we understand the important details of integration, planning, and implementation of engineering and manufacturing processes. We'll help you find the solution to your needs.

Service Bureau and Outsourcing Services

We can come along beside you and walk with you through the technology maze to help you analyze your outsourcing needs. We are a full system consultant and integrator that establishes long term relationships with our clients. We will do a variety of services for you so you do not have to hire someone in-house and save you time and money. We will be here for you...

  • Scanning, Imaging, Indexing and Archiving
  • OCR Conversion
  • Raster to Vector Conversion
  • Backfile Conversion
  • Drawing Updates/As-Built Surveys

CD Publishing and Duplicating

Do you have information you want scanned and put on CD? Do you need 10 copies or 200 copies of each? Do you want a colorful image or black and white text printed on the CD? We can do all this for you. Give us a call...

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