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What is Document Management?

Document Management (also known as Electronic Document Management - EDM) is an information technology that has evolved over the past two decades from a basic "electronic filing cabinet" which stored scanned documents and images in electronic form on a server that could capture, index, and retrieve for future use. Today, Document Management is part of Enterprise Content Management and is a subset of Knowledge or Information Management.

Triangle Solutions Technology offers some of the finest Document Management Systems which excel and maintain compliance with the latest technologies to offer you the best solutions. Today, some Document Management Systems offer many more capabilities for today's businesses to be compliant with the latest technologies. Document Management Systems can:

  • capture, index, retrieve, edit, annotate and distribute paper, electronic documents and images via a local area network (LAN), wide area network (WAN), fax, e-mail, printer, or the internet
  • link other software to your document management system for a customized solution
  • and even distribute large amounts of information in a wide range of formats using CD or DVD technology..

AND the list goes on....

How can document management help your company?

Everyday you are making business decisions. These business decisions are supported by information you acquire from a variety of sources. But is this information accurate, complete and readily available?

You need easy access to this information at the moment you think about it or are asked for it. Is a customer on the phone claiming they did not receive their whole shipment? Just pull up their purchase order and proof-of-delivery to your computer screen immediately...complete with the recipient's signature. Offer to fax or email it to your customer RIGHT NOW.

Whether paper or digital...voicemail or video...documents are the "portable containers" for business information. Document mis-management is a serious problem that costs you:

  • Time

Have you ever lost a business opportunity because you couldn't readily find a document? Do you spend your business day exercising your skills and talents on revenue-generating issues? Or do you more frequently exercise your eyes and legs looking for documents and files?

  • Productivity

Have you ever been in a medical clinic or hospital and seen staff trying to locate your patient record? Often, as you visit various specialties, the central patient record is duplicated - each department retaining a subset of the entire records. Why shouldn't the entire patient record be made available? Medical decisions need to be made accurately and informed.

Let's face it. Documents are not going away - ever. The paperless office is a myth. In fact, 90% of all corporate information is contained in documents.

You can't eliminate documents. But you can change your way of managing documents. And, by taking that step, you can reclaim time, productivity, money...and avoid missed business opportunities.

Now what?

There is a lot of planning that goes into setting up a document management system. It is best to start out small and build as you fit the system to meet your specific business needs. To find out how an Electronic Document Management EDM) system could help you and your business, contact Triangle Solutions Technology today.

Learn more about the document management systems we offer:

  • DocuWare On Premise and Cloud by DocuWare Corporation - excellent for accounting, education, health care, human resources, medical industries, industry, legal, and more.
  • AutoEDMS by ACS Software, Inc. - excellent for engineering and manufacturing markets and more.

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