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Artsyl Technologies, Inc. is dedicated to delivering smart business process automation solutions, beginning with the most painful and inefficient steps in the majority of processes today—the intelligent extraction of actionable information from documents and electronic files.

Simple Capture

SimpleCapture is a simple affordable solution for automating information capture from paper documents. It allows an organization to reduce data-entry by 50% by automating your data extraction efforts. Our Solution reduces your direct expenses for manual key entry simultaneously improving your document processing speed. SimpleCapture will help you save time and money!


Artsyl's docAlpha works with your document management software to automatically pull needed information from scans and other sources.

  • Transform documents and data into information and action throughout your organization

  • Automate routine operations and empower your staff to focus on adding greater value and continuous improvement

  • Maximize efficiency while minimizing errors from tedious, manual tasks like data entry, approval routing and status reporting.

Artsyl’s docAlpha provides a platform that allows organizations to intelligently extract data from existing documents and files, organize and manage that data and leverage that data to automate any business process.

docAlpha automatically captures, classifies and sorts large volumes of structured and semi-structured documents, extract useful data, validate data against their business rules, and route documents for approval. As part of the process, docAlpha can create or append related business records in ERPs, CRMs, ECMs or other business applications.


In addition to providing docAlpha as a client/server solution, Artsyl provides a software-as-a-service offering called Cloud. Cloud combines the power of intelligent document capture and process automation with the convenience and cost effectiveness of cloud-based delivery.

  • Leverage the Cloud knowledgebase to automate document classification and intelligent extraction of data.

  • Simplify and streamline implementation and support for document and data extraction and process automation.

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