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DOCUWARE Document Management Software

Thanks to experience gained from over 10,000 customer projects, DocuWare has developed the world‘s leading technology for Enterprise Content Management. With a variety of business products and flexible add-ons, DocuWare has the perfect solution for your business.

DocuWare is a state-of-the-art document management system software for professional Enterprise Content Management. The powerful features of this software allow you to find precisely what you are looking for in an instant, streamlining your business operations.

You define the criteria important to your business operations. DocuWare then files documents based on that criteria, regardless of their source or format. Both paper and electronic documents, including written correspondence, records, email, CAD, spool files and more, are stored, shared and managed in a centralized system. DocuWare can seamlessly integrate into your existing IT systems and can be customized to follow your office's existing procedures and policies.

DocuWare's records management features ensure that access to documents is secure, controlled and tracked. With DocuWare's enhanced Fireworks functionalities, web access and universal integration features, DocuWare provides the functionality you need, easy of use and affordability. DocuWare's setup is designed to be easily used in a basic office environment. The system provides easy ways for documents to be added to the system, regardless of their format. Letters, invoices, reports, drawings, notes and other documents can be quickly imported using one of several options:

  • Document is directly saved into the system from another software package (MS Word, Excel, CAD, etc.)
  • Documents are automatically generated from accounting software or other business software packages.
  • Document is filed when printed.
  • Emails an be automatically imported from Microsoft Outlook, Exchange and IMAP providers, such as Gmail.
  • Paper documents is scanned.

DocuWare software can be customized on how documents are received and how they are processed by the DocuWare system. For example, Imported documents can be processed automatically using OCR (text recognition) or barcode recognition if needed. Documents are automatically categorized, indexed and stored in the system. This powerful indexing tool makes document retrieval fast and efficient for all users.

DocuWare has a variety of Add-On Modules to make your system a perfect fit. With two convenient installation options, DocuWare can be customized for any business.

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DocuWare Cloud

Get instant access to your documents and information from any location. The DocuWare cloud solution offers an off site option for storage, search, display, download edit, and integrate documents into your business processes. The system works over the Internet without any software installation on your local computer.

  • Capture and Organize
  • Access and View
  • Collaborate and Update
  • Integrate and Customize

View DocuWare Cloud Whitepaper (.pdf)

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Docuware On Premise

DocuWare is a modern document management system for professional enterprise content management. Install the on-premise solution on your servers and use it throughout the company. Our flexible license model and various software modules allow you to perfectly tailor the software to your work processes and company requirements.

Learn more about DocuWare (.PDF)

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Add-On Modules

The basic DocuWare software package can be expanded with a variety of flexible add-on modules. Many of these features are already included in the DocuWare Cloud solution and just require some basic setup.

  • Smart Connect - Easily access your DocuWare file cabinets directly from any other software program. With one click, Smart Connect links you to related documents. See Smart Connect in action.
  • Connect to Outlook or Gmail - Use these add on to quickly story emails in your DocuWare system from Microsoft Outlook. Easily search and access stored emails whenever you need them.
  • DocuWare Mobile provides secure access to your DocuWare files from any smartphone or tablet from anywhere. View your documents on screen, forward them in the workflow or perform any other routine tasks. Learn more about DocuWare Mobile (pdf)
  • PaperScan allows you to use a smartphone to instantly scan any paper document from any location, preventing lost documents, time delays and other issues.
  • Task Manager - Organize all of your business projects, both large and small. From invoice approvals to preparing construction drawings, handle your projects quickly and efficiently. DocuWare Task Manager speeds up your business operations and ensures tasks are completed with list views and email notifications.
  • Autoindex - Easily and quickly index your documents using existing criteria and search works. Eliminate manual index to improve efficiency and reduce errors.
  • Workflow Manager -Easily establish specific processes for documents with DocuWare Workflow Manager. Quickly define employees, tasks, and other rules needed for each process.
  • Barcode & Forms - Use barcodes to simplify scanning and indexing of routine information, such as invoices. Documents are automatically indexed and easily identified.
  • DocuWare Forms - Convert recurring manually filed forms to a simple digital process. Instantly and accurately capture information in a web form that is stored in a central file cabinet.
  • DocuWare Import - Automatically organize and index documents based on the file location. For example, employees saves document for a specified project into a designated folder. When a new file is saved, DocuWare automatically saves that file into the system/ DocuWare Import is a good solution for companies that process a large volume of documents on a regular basis.
  • DocuWare Request - The DocuWare Request module proves a stand-alone copy of your DocuWare documents that can be shared, searched, viewed without using the DocuWare system. The documents can be delivered to customers, accountants or others as needed.
  • Connect to SAP - Integrate your DocuWare system with your SAP system with a touch of a button.
  • Connect to SharePoint - Seamlessly integrate your Microsoft Office SharePoint system with DocuWare to store and retrieve documents directly in SharePoint.
  • Connect to Most Printers - DocuWare easily connects with most modern day multi-function copiers, including Ricoh, Toshiba, Sharp, Xerox, and OKI. Store and archive documents directly from the machine.
  • Intelligent Indexing - Revolutionize paper storage with DocuWare's intelligent Indexing. Efficiently index your documents for easy retrieval, saving time and eliminating the need for paper filing systems.
  • MS SQL -Seamlessly connect DocuWare with SQL Server 2012 to deliver a stable, powerful database with options for analysis of database access and reporting.
  • DocuWare Hub - Store pdfs and image files in DocuWare via your laptop, smartphone or tablet.

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DocuWare's flexibility allows for integration into almost any other program. Customers can choose to use a simple menu-driven configuration or a comprehensive software developer kit. Scanners, multifunction printers, or mobile devices can also easily be connected.

  • Applications - Easily integrate DocuWare into most any software program, allowing you to access your DocuWare content directly.
  • Email - Monitor your mail servers and automatically import email into DocuWare.
  • Data Exchange - Use existing data for indexing, reducing errors and data inconsistency while optimizing the process.
  • Copiers - Store and find documents in the file cabinet directly on the copier.

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