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IMPORTANT Fortis Document Management News

As of March 31, 2016, new installations of Fortis and Fortis SE are not available, but add on modules, user licenses, etc. will still be available through December 31, 2017. At that time, support and development of the Fortis and Fortis SE products will be discontinued. There are migration paths for current Fortis and Fortis SE users to the next generation platform and we would like to discuss this with you. Contact one of our sales executives to determine what your optons may be.

Fortis Document Management Software

  • Fortis SE Document Management for small business or office for up to 15 concurrent users
  • Fortis Document Management for multiple users
    • EnableIt seamlessly integrates Fortis with any business critical application
    • ImageIt seamlessly links documents in Fortis with any business critical application
    • FortisWeb server that allows Web-based access to documents
    • Inflo server that enables document-centric workflow
    • ERM (Electronic Report Management) component for managing print spool data and electronic reports
    • Fortis ApproveIt is a workflow tool for authorization processes and is available as an optional component of the Fortis PowerWeb and Inflo applications.
    • Fortis Disaster Recovery
    • Fortis Test Bench
    • Audit Trail tracks user activity
  • CDExpress for Fortis
  • Office for Fortis

Fortis SE

Fortis SE is an entry point for smaller user communities who want to gradually move into the full Fortis offering, a pedigree brand of Web-enabled software products. Fortis SE provides as a standard element in the configuration Fortis Office, allowing a direct “push” technology from Word, Excel and Outlook to Fortis.

Today's market segment calls for a product with the functionality of a Rolls Royce sophistication, feature-rich and on the edge of technology, at a Mini Cooper price position. That product is Fortis SE, designed specifically for corporations that require the power and scalability of our flagship offering Fortis, at a competitive, entrant-price position. Fortis SE provides a rich feature set designed for Web-based document management initiatives.

Learn more about Fortis SE
Fortis SE Data Sheet (.pdf)
Fortis SE Product Overview (.pdf)


Fortis, a comprehensive document management software suite from Westbrook Technologies, provides superior document-handling solutions by leveraging the advantages offered by client/server technology and Microsoft's Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) architecture. Fortis operates as a true client/server system with the database engine installed on a dedicated database server, the client software installed on a shared network server, and client workstations configured to access both the shared-client server and the database server.

Fortis currently supports the Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle databases. Each of these back-end engines is integrated with Fortis using ODBC, Microsoft's database communication standard. Although the Fortis interface appears the same for each version, each back-end database is dramatically different.

Fortis captures a wide variety of documents and associated data and organizes them into a custom-designed structure. Fortis can capture documents from any source, such as scanned, faxed, and electronic files, including black and white, color, and common file types, as well as green-bar reports and electronic data streams. The Fortis Document Management component provides several options to assist in document capture: Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Bar Code Recognition (BCR), Full Text, and Image Enhance.

Fortis allows end users to efficiently organize and index documents that are then stored on your choice of storage media. Fortis retrieves documents instantly for editing, annotating, and/or integrating into your current business applications. Fortis also enables an organization to share or distribute documents via LAN, WAN, Internet/intranet, e-mail, fax, groupware, CD, or printed hard copy.

Learn more about Fortis
Fortis Data Sheet (.pdf)
Fortis Product Overview (.pdf)
Exporting Index Data as XML (.pdf)
Integrating with Fortis (.pdf)

Fortis Options

In addition to the basic stations, the Fortis suite of products also includes a variety of options that expand the power and capability of a Fortis system.


Fortis EnableIt - Many organizations face the challenge of how to access the right information when it’s needed. Fortis EnableIt is designed to alleviate this challenge by making business critical documents and information easily accessible.

EnableIt delivers seamless imageenabling capabilities so that organizations can integrate their core business applications with Fortis document management software without the need for custom or costly integration projects. EnableIt’s powerful integration capabilities are achieved without the need for time-consuming API programming.

With EnableIt, users can instantly retrieve documents and information in the Fortis repository right from their core business applications. Users simply identify data in the core business application, press a “hot key” or click a button and Fortis displays the associated documents.

Requiring no other user interaction, the Fortis documents are available for review.

Designed to meet your organization’s processing needs, the EnableIt software is available in two configurations:

• EnableIt offers traditional image enabling capabilities from host applications, Windows-based applications or browser-based applications.

• Enterprise EnableIt offers traditional image-enabling capabilities from host applications, Windows-based applications or browser-based applications PLUS the ability to pass data from the core business application to Fortis and vice versa, scan and index documents into Fortis, import documents, update

Fortis documents with data from within the core business application and many other integration techniques!

Learn more about EnableIt
EnableIt Overview (.pdf)


Fortis ImageIt - Many organizations face the challenge of finding an efficient and cost-effective way to share documents and data between business applications. The benefits of integrating disparate business systems are clear, but integration can involve custom programming and the prospect of decreased productivity while employees are learning a new system.

Fortis ImageIt resolves these issues by delivering seamless integration capabilities to connect core business applications with Fortis document management software. There are no costs for creating custom code and retraining employees. For example, in an accounts receivable process, a user can enter a purchase order number to access a corresponding invoice, packing slip, shipping form and delivery confirmation stored in the Fortis system without leaving the accounting application.

Fortis ImageIt also allows users to send index data back to Fortis from the primary business application to eliminate duplicate data entry. Administrators use a point-and-click interface to modify the configuration of Fortis ImageIt, as necessary.

From within most business applications, a user simply mouses over a text value and selects a hot key the document(s) are retrieved instantly.

Learn more about ImageIt
ImageIt Overview (.pdf)


FortisWeb enables your user base to access Fortis documents via the Internet or an intranet using Microsoft's Internet Explorer. The ActiveX Viewer control allows users to view Fortis documents within Internet Explorer. Users can search a Fortis database and view and print documents right inside their browser. Edit Station users can also import new documents, edit a document's index data, annotate documents, insert and
delete pages from a document, and delete documents.

View a FortisWeb Demo
FortisWeb Data Sheet (.pdf)
FortisWeb Overview (.pdf)


Fortis Inflo automates the procedures used to process documents in a Fortis system. Using a rule-based approach, Inflo streamlines the tasks associated with business processes, providing quick, accurate, and efficient workflow capabilities to Fortis document management systems.

Inflo consists of two main components: the Process Designer and the Inflo server. With the Process Designer, the administrator creates a graphical map or process design, detailing the specific tasks, participants and the sequence for each process. The Inflo server monitors documents from their point of entry into a Fortis database through various stages until the tasks defined for a process are complete. .

Inflo Data Sheet (.pdf)
Learn more about Fortis Inflo


Fortis ERM (Electronic Report Management) is a Windows-based system that facilitates the storage and retrieval of documents in a business office environment. These documents are typically forms (e.g. invoices or purchase orders) and reports (e.g., accounts receivable or inventory) generated from an organization's primary software applications as print spool data intended for a printer.

ERM serves as a warehouse that stores and retrieves these computer-generated documents. It provides full support for document Annotations, CDExpress, and PowerWeb, and ERM documents can be printed, faxed, emailed, etc. ERM does not allow users to modify or edit stored data, except to add Annotations to ERM reports.

Learn more about Fortis ERM

Fortis ApproveIt

Fortis ApproveIt streamlines this approval process so that organizations can efficiently direct the flow of documents within an established hierarchy. A Web-based, thin-client authorization solution, ApproveIt provides the ability to electronically route documents through a business process while letting users view documents via a browser interface or through Microsoft Outlook.

Fortis system administrators define rules for transitioning documents through the approval cycle. Users choose to approve, deny, or cancel a document, all of which push the document to be routed to the next authorization stage. Security permissions are defined so that only employees with the appropriate level of authorization view the documents to be approved.

ApproveIt is available as an optional component of the Fortis PowerWeb and Inflo applications.

Learn more about Fortis ApproveIt

Fortis Disaster Recovery

Fortis Disaster Recovery (DR) is marked by its simple and affordable security, designed to protect essential business assets, documents and the respective data from extinction. The use of Fortis DR provides continuous availability to those key business areas using Fortis document management.

Each customer licensing the Fortis suite receives their configuration CD set containing the actual software assets as well as the entire Fortis documentation. Customers that license Fortis DR are provided with an exact mirror image of their licensed Fortis configuration, initially and for as long as the Fortis DR service is continued. A Fortis DR CD set accompanies the Fortis configuration, identical in every aspect and clearly delineated with the Fortis DR product name!

Learn more about Fortis DR

Fortis Test Bench

Fortis Test Bench is the remedy to eliminate the need for any development to hinder, interfere with or disrupt the production or operational software environment. Fortis Test Bench provides a Fortis server and options configuration identical to your production environment with sufficient client licenses to effectively simulate a working environment that can be used as a development platform. You can take advantage of a complete, unencumbered Fortis testing configuration for the purposes of:

  • Developing integrations with other software applications
  • Testing new revisions as released by Westbrook Technologies
  • Educating your work colleagues about Fortis so they might take advantage of new features or functions

To qualify for Fortis Test Bench, customers’ Fortis configurations must have at least 20 concurrent user licenses and they must have an active software support agreement. Each customer who selects Fortis Test Bench will receive a configuration that emulates their current Fortis system including specific server options, in addition to two scan, five edit and five view client licenses. Test Bench effectively provides a concurrent 12-user license for the purposes of creating a true “testing laboratory.”

Learn more about Fortis Test Bench

Audit Trail

The Audit Trail option enables administrators to set up an audit log file so that Fortis tracks a variety of user activities performed on documents. Fortis performs audit logging for a document on a function-by-function basis; administrators can select exactly which functions to track in the audit log. The Audit Trail option is disabled by default and must be specifically turned on to commence logging. Administrators can search the audit log for specific activities or users by executing a Query using the Audit Log Document Type.

Learn more about Audit Trial

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CDExpress for Fortis

Share documents easily with the Fortis CDExpress. With CDExpress, prepare a Fortis database, document files, and a Fortis Station with viewing capabilities for recording and distribution.

With CDExpress clients, customers, or partners can have immediate access to the data and documents they need, ensuring seamless communication and efficient information exchange. Use any CD or DVD recorder and data and documents are conveniently stored for searching, viewing and outputting. Collaborative decision-making is just a few clicks away.

Learn more about CDExpress...

CDExpress works with Rimage CD and DVD Publishing and Duplication units.

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Office for Fortis

Create documents in Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook applications and send them directly to a Fortis or File Magic database with our Office option. Fortis Office work with Microsoft Office 97, 2000, and XP. Fortis Office will:

  • Allow you to create documents in Microsoft Office then save them directly to Fortis.
  • Eliminate the steps required to import Word, Excel or e-mail into a filing system.
  • Direct all documents to an In Basket, or Folder and Document Type, thereby eliminating data capture costs.
  • Offer large cost savings by smart indexing, automating the capture of Metadata from your documents, including e-mail.
  • Increase productivity levels, allowing more time for new projects.
  • Benefit entire workplace by securing and organizing your knowledge assets.
  • Implement and expand to increase users, add workgroups or implement enterprise-wide with minimal costs.
  • Quick learning curve with easy-to-use interface.

Learn more about Office...

View an Office Demo

Note: The information provided on this page was taken from various informational documents and white papers from Westbrook Technologies Incorporated. You may view their web site at

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