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Who uses document management solutions?

Any business or organization that uses paper or electronic (computer files, email, fax, etc) means for daily business operations and workflow can apply and use a document management solution. What does your company do with all the paper documents you have? Do you pay money to store your paper documents somewhere? Do you use email or fax to submit or receive business transactions? How long does it take you to find the document or information you are looking for? How much time do you spend looking for a specific document you need for a client, legal matters or to complete a business transaction?

At Triangle Solutions Technology, we provide document management solutions for a variety of markets that can be applied as a stand-alone, department-wide or throughout the entire enterprise. Click on one of the links below that may best fit your organization or department. You'll see some questions to ask yourself plus the benefits of using a document management system.

Read how we helped Sprint and South Carolina Dept of Corrections. View as pdf.



How do you manage your accounts receivable and payable? Do you have filing cabinets full of paper? How long does it take you to find a specific client's checks, invoices or purchase orders?

With a document management system you can easily manage your accounts receivable and payable by storing them in a database system and retrieve them easily at the click of a mouse. You can store all your necessary documents and save time and money finding your important information:

  • Packing slips
  • Change orders
  • Request for Proposals
  • Justifications, specifications and approvals
  • Returns
  • Aged accounts
  • Invoices and purchases orders

Some of the BENEFITS you will see:

  • Access aged accounts quickly and easily
  • Increases approval workflow with no duplication, photocopying or lost documents
  • You will save on space and time in finding the information you need
  • Email, fax or print needed documents to someone in-house or third-party
  • Secured information so unauthorized personnel cannot access
  • Protects documents for federal or state audits and legal proceedings

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In education, you have student records and transcripts, payroll information and board meetings to deal with. Whether you are a school system or a university document management is a necessity with all the papers and categories you must deal with. Do you want to have easy access to find out something quickly about a student who graduated 1983? How long does it take for you to find the information?

With a document management system you can easily archive and retrieve information about active and inactive students, athletics, current and past employees, personnel records, reviews, release and confidentiality forms and the list goes on. You will benefit by being able to:

  • Access student records and transcripts at the click of a button
  • Provide secure access to information for authorized staff
  • Store and easily retrieve student attendance records to receive state and federal funding
  • Keep track of human resource and personnel records

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Do you have problems with managing the flow of information especially with a demanding work schedule? Do you have a centralized location for file storage? Do you have control over revisions or do you have multiple versions of the same package or file being used? Do unauthorized users have access to critical drawings?

BENEFITS you will see implementing a document management system:

  • Hold on to your proven processes and use a software that will adapt to the way you do things
  • Allows only authorized personnel access to drawings, plans, etc.
  • Archival and easy access to CAD drawings and other documents
  • Stops duplication of work
  • Increase process workflow
  • Control of document or drawing revisions
  • Help meet ISO 9000 standards

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Health Care

Read about Document Management's Role in HIPAA and other valuable HIPAA information

Are you as a health care professional spending hours daily searching for medical records and billing information? Has any of your patient information ever been misplaced and taken too long to find? Are you concerned about becoming HIPAA compliant? How are you keeping patient information as well as physician and staff information?

Implementing a document management system may be the answer for your medical office or hospital. A document management system can be tailored to fit your practice or hospital needs. Some of the benefits include:

  • Allowing a doctor to practice medicine rather than trying to find information
  • Saving time and money
  • Easy access to patient records at the click of a mouse and no lost charts
  • Ability to fax, email and print out specific information for physician and hospital requests of patient information
  • Ability to access information via the internet
  • Improved patient flow and care
  • Potential decrease in medical malpractice liability.
  • Helps meet HIPAA compliance
  • Potentially help save someone's life due to easy access to patient history information

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How are you dealing with all the bill of lading (BOL), packing slips and proof-of-delivery receipts? Has paper become a roadblock for your business? Remove this roadblock by implementing a document management system. You can easily scan your paper documents and store them digitally so you can easily retrieve them for future viewing or printing. Some benefits include:

  • Retrieve freight billing information quickly and easily
  • Easily email, fax or print documents to party that needs information
  • Ability to integrate with existing hardware
  • Safely keep information required by federal government
  • Match and track BOL for proof of delivery
  • Record of signature

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Now what?

There is a lot of planning that goes into setting up a document management system. It is best to start out small and build as you fit the system to meet your specific business needs. To find out how an Electronic Document Management (EDM) system could help you and your business, contact Triangle Solutions Technology today. To learn more about our EDMS products click on one of the choices below that may be best suited for your business...

  • DocuWare On Premise and Cloud by DocuWare Corporation - excellent for accounting, education, health care, human resources, medical industries, industry, legal, and more.
  • AutoEDMS by ACS Software, Inc. - excellent for engineering and manufacturing markets and more.

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